Sunday, June 30, 2013

Around the World--or Summer Drama

     So, I used to be a preschool teacher. I worked at it for about 17 years and I loved it, with the exception of the drama caused by over active personalities and a cheap boss.  With this in mind, perhaps you will understand my need to fill my summer with themed weeks and daily challenges.  This was the kickoff for Camp (insert last name here.)  
     We started off with an Around the World theme, and I went crazy with decorating and planning.  With glee I hung nets and put up tiki decorations for the Polynesian Islands, I pinned an Eiffel Tower and a gargoyle to the window shade for France, ditto with the Opera House and a boomerang for Australia.  The first "challenge" for the theme was a 3 minute skiing challenge over in Switzerland (also known as our elliptical.)
     Yesterday we drank "tropical drinks" from coconuts (I used a Shirley Temple but you could mix it up) and then mosied on over to Mexico for tortillas and salsa.
The kids loved it, and they were thrilled to hear that this morning I was setting up a table over in Paris for the crepes we would be enjoying.  (I should mention here that we have to eat gluten free due to celiac disease, so these are homemade crepes, and not the easiest to make.) 
     Then came the drama.  I made two little paper berets (yes, I am aware Parisiens don't wander around in berets...but I was going for cute.  Sue me.)  Then I mentioned mustaches.  All I said was (in a laughing tone) that for their crepes they would have to wear a beret and a mustache and it was instant pandemonium.  Punkgirl went so far at one point as to call me a jerk, at which point I sent her to her room.  Don't get me wrong--I know it's mean and evil to make them wear a beret and a mustache.  But I won't tolerate sheer off to her room she went. As I pondered why my two usually willing children were suddenly convinced that my ideas were just plain dumb, my husband called them back.  Coffeeguy was livid that I had spent all day the day before coming up with decorations and games and foods on our very limited budget, only to have them oh so rudely throw my idea in my face.  I was pretty pissed too.  
     I got an apology from both, although I am unsure how sincere they were!  Once they were sufficiently chastised,  they sat at the table with the damn berets on, MOSTLY pleasantly, especially after they saw the lovely golden crepes, fancy strawberry jam, bananas, and sugar!  
     We then went to the "Persian Bazaar" (aka the yard sale next door) to haggle, and came back with a few more fun items.  We had tea and scones in England, and all was well.  Dammit.
     Suck at home moms, how do you keep your kids from killing each other? And what are the consequences when they don't appreciate it?

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