Friday, November 13, 2015


I've been watching all the "thankful" posts on Facebook over the past few weeks, and most years I jump in with both feet.  There's always something to be grateful for, and I mean that sincerely. I have a wonderful husband, amazing kids, a loving mother and a ...not completely hideous brother (you're welcome, B.) But I'm still finding it hard to put all my thankfuls out there, onto Facebook and into the Universe.  

Last year in November my oldest brother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.  I put it in caps because it's big, and scary, and a nightmare.  As many of you know, the fight from there on was quick, and nasty, and it didn't end well.  I can't seem to shake the sentiment that for all the things I'm thankful for, he doesn't have.  I have my health.  I can hug my kids every night.  And I have the luxury of whining about the fact that I have those two privileges.  

I'm thankful he got out of the hospital in time to have Thanksgiving one last time.  I'm thankful for the chance to spend so much time with his two beautiful girls.  I'm thankful for every happy memory I can give them, or better, remind them of about their Dad.  But that thankfulness is tainted by the thought that he is gone.

Im thankful that I'll have my mother, my brother B, my nieces, and (for the first time) my great-auntie and mom's cousin for Thanksgiving dinner, but the addition of guests is sobered by the fact that one is missing.  

I know; I know.  I should focus on the positives.  I am positive we will live through it.  I am positive that after each first (Thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversary) we will begin to adjust--not heal really, because the scar will still be there, but like one who has lost a limb we'll learn how to function without.  I'm looking forward to that November, where I can post that I'm thankful I've survived.  

For this month, I'll read all of the things you are thankful for--I love the positive posts.  I'll just save my own for the day I can be anything less than reserved.  The day I can release the negativity into the wind, and embrace the future with both feet.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Voice of Edward Elric

We were fortunate enough to go to RI Comic Con this past Friday, and for all the problems they appeared to have Saturday, Friday ran pretty smoothly for us and was a great time.  My only negatives were the lack of real direction--we had to ask a vendor to find out there was a whole other building; and the poor design of their convention app. Because the app didn't have any direction (the celebrities' areas were listed as "TBA"), we were left trying to find the one guy who knew everything to find the things and people we wanted to see.  

We saw the Batmobile:

Bats won't mind if I take it for a ride....

And we saw some great cosplay:

And we found some unique vendors with all of our favorite fandoms:  Marvel, DC, Firefly, Game of Thrones, and more.  But finding the celebrity we really wanted was tough.

And who did we want to see? Well, Friday wasn't a huge day for photo ops (Alex Kingston was there, but since the $65 fee only covered two people, we decided it just wasn't in our budget.)  Before we left home, Happyboy and I had discussed the fact that Vic Mignogna, the guy who voiced his favorite anime character, was going to be there.  This voice actor, amidst all the A and B-list celebrities, was at the top of our "must meet" list. (Ming-Na Wen was at the top of mine, but we could only afford to go on Friday, so I will have to pine away until next time.) 

Happyboy spent hours--I mean, hours, trying to find a perfect souvenir.  He passed by comic books (we can get those at home), action figures (nah), POP! figures (he was tempted by the imaginary friend from Inside Out, but he changed his mind), and even anime keychain figures. Happyboy has mastered the art of not settling.  We haven't mastered the art of always being patient with that, and it was almost time to go. But ten minutes before we planned to leave, he found it. A Full Metal Alchemist watch that he could have Vic Mignogna sign.

Now, let me just say, he had the idea of Vic M signing it on his own, and we were happy to pay for an autograph.  But when we got there, Vic's seat was empty. We stood there, disappointed, and a lovely lady in a Dr. Leslie Thompson cosplay asked who we were waiting to see.

The lovely Dr. Leslie Thompson 

This lady was wicked awesome, as we say in Boston.  Vic M had just arrived, and wasn't planning on sitting to sign autographs tonight.  He was checking out the floor as a guest, not a celebrity.  The RICC person who seemed to be in charge of the autographing let us know that he was very sorry, but it wasn't happening tonight.  As we left, understanding but disappointed for Happyboy, "Dr. Thompson" ran up to us and said "hold on! Where's the box, and a pen?"

She ran them over to Vic M, and we followed.  As Mr Mignogna was starting to say "And tell the little guy I said--" she interrupted him to say, "Oh, they're right here!"  

Vic Mignogna, as we found out that night, is also starring in the Star Trek series web series, Star Trek Continues, as Captain James T. Kirk--which is a pretty big deal.  He could have felt put-upon, or just plain tired--he'd literally just arrived at the hotel.  He apologized for being "all grubby" (he wasn't) and shook my son's and our hands, and told Happyboy, who was dressed in a Ciel from ElSword costume, to keep being awesome, keep doing what he was doing.  Told him he loved his costume and his blue hair, and even let us take a picture:

Super big bonus? When he mistook Happyboy for a girl and we gently corrected him, he didn't bat an eyelash, just said "oh, sorry about that, I'm so glad I met him." He said a few more words that made Happyboy feel pretty special. 

It was the highlight of the day.  He didn't even charge for the autograph or photo!  As big Star Trek fans, we probably would have checked out Star Trek Continues anyway...but after meeting the voice of Edward Elric, we'll be tuning in with goodwill and good wishes for his continued success!

Some final notes:  I have two entire other posts about meeting Chris Claremont, writer of (among many other things) my favorite XMen story lines, and cosplaying.  For now, let me share these:

Chris Claremont signed my DOFP tshirt.
Robin is smart to be wary of the Joker....
Punkgirl's Steampunk Penguin Cosplay