Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life's Little Challenges

     Sorry, it's been a few days...I've tried several times to write, but unfortunately Rose has been on a non-sleeping kick, so every time I try, she wakes up!  I'm taking advantage of a rare quiet moment...we'll see if it lasts.
     As you know, I've been making my kids participate in our family summer camp--by that I mean the activities and themes that I force them to "enjoy."  Last week was Around the World, complete with yodeling challenges, crepes, scones, and an "Amazing Race" to find out what fun place we were going to that day.  The kids ended up having a blast, and for their trouble, they got a prize---for completing their challenges (making their own crepes, "skiing" on the elliptical while yodeling non-stop, designing their own sari out of pink and blue metallic tissue fabric, and getting "knighted" by composing poetry that complimented their parents) they got to spend one hour of one on one time with whichever parent they chose, doing anything that didn't cost a lot of money.
     Because I like to torture them, I gave them a unique opportunity to add a second hour of one-on-one time...they had to care for a "potato baby"--take it for walks, give it baths, feed it--the best was when they had to get up in the middle of the night to feed them--because yes, I'm just that cruel.  Plus, it's summer, so I have to keep them on their toes!  They worked hard at it, ended in "divorce", and had a hard time "keeping it civil for the sake of the (potato) baby.  I then made them call around to find a good adoptive parent for their potatoes, because they would be better off in a happy home--I prepped their family for this, so hilarity ensued as they asked prospective parents how they would care for the baby and their relatives answered "a little ketchup, lightly salted..."  They finally were rescued by their grandmother, who promised to give a loving and caring home for each potato.
     Now, it sounds fabulous and fun--and parts of it were...and I was looking forward to a nice time of one-child-at-a-time fun...but since both of my children chose Coffeeguy to spend their quality time with, it inevitably ended up being more work for me!  Not only did they each end up violating my "little money" rule--but they missed the point that it was "quality" time, despite Coffeeguy's assurances that they did get to sit and talk.  Not to mention how great I felt when I worked my butt off all week to give them challenges and they both picked Daddy!  To add salt to the wound, Happyboy proceeded to tell me that "it's great that while (Punkgirl) has her two hours with Daddy that I get two hours with you...just like she did while I was with Daddy...even though she said it kind of stunk, but I'll try to have fun."  Gee, thanks, honey.  
     This week the theme is "Arts and Entertainment."  So far we have painted boxes and learned the infinite joys of Spirograph (a childhood favorite of mine.)  As a challenge, they're going to have to act out a scene I'm going to make them write, and if they do it they get another hour...but let's hope that
this time that at least one of them has a little love for Momma!
Suck at home mom's, have you ever had an idea backfire? How did you handle it?

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