Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sleep, Baby, Sleep...

     Rose has been awake every two hours for three nights.  Three times two equals cranky minus patience plus yawning! (That's the most math I can do with this brain fog I am currently standing in!)  I have tried gently sleep training her--I go in every few minutes to reassure her, then a little later than every few minutes, and usually she does fall asleep...but she wakes up inevitably at 1 am, stays up until 2, gets up at 4, etc etc.  It's driving me crazy.  
     As a suck at home mom, I'm used to struggling with the issues of raising the children--despite all my years of child care, I find that Punkgirl and Happyboy are now their own little people, complete with ideas and quirks of their own.  This leads to the occasional butting of heads, and I accept that.  But Rose is only 7 1/2 months old...and she has already shown that it's her way or the highway.  I let her "cry it out" a little--something I could never bring myself to do with the older two, but which I felt was a necessity with Rose, if only to tire her out a little before she finally gets to sleep.  
     Now don't get me wrong--in some instances Rose is pretty easy--for instance, I took all 3 kids into the Boston Common by myself, which I wouldn't have done when my eldest were younger.  But as long as I am nearby (read, right next to) Rose is a pretty happy, content baby.  Unfortunately, the instant I leave the room, the tears begin.  I try to spend a few minutes away, reassuring her ill be right back, in the hopes that she'll get more comfortable with me being away, but it doesn't seem to be working!
     So tell me, suck at home moms, do you let your baby "cry it out"? Do you have other sleep miracles?


  1. 1) your blog and my phone hate each other and may cause seizures if an epileptic should happen by.
    2) you are a funny lady. I don't always agree with it all but I respect it and you for your honesty
    3) no I don't cry it out, I am pretty against it....but I have in the past before learning that it kills brain cells....however it didn't work.
    4) have you tried taking her to a chiropractor? I have a kid just like her and weighted blankets help too. We followed her cue and started a routine of two books a night then sitting with her til she fell asleep..we moved the routine up 15 mins once a week until we got it to a reasonable time and by then she was falling asleep quickly anyway. Her bed is in our room too which helps it seems. Its been a long journey but now I get to sleep...well sort of, the bedsharing toddler is on the boob lol.

    Anyway, chiropractor and awesome blog!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! You are the third person who had a hard time commenting today, so I should take that as a hint and see if I can fix that! The baby did actually JUST start sleeping (3 weeks or so ago)...crying it out for the short span of time that we tried that DID NOT WORK and all it did was make me feel awful! But I didn't just let her cry for long periods of time. The "real" cry it out method involves a few minutes of crying and then reassuring her that you know she's there. Then a minute longer, etc etc. She did fall asleep, but she wasn't...she just wasn't RESTFUL, you know? So we stopped. But I think what actually was keeping her up was the SMELL of breast milk! Even if I didn't give it to her, once I went in there the POSSIBILITY of breast milk was there. My husband took a week off of work, and only he went in for that entire week. After about 4 nights (so far, KNOCK.ON.WOOD!) she slept through every night, knowing that Daddy had no milk! (The past week of sleep has been the best of my life.) Welcome to the blog!