Friday, March 14, 2014

St Patty's Day Sticky Paper Art

Rose is officially a toddler, so I've been trying to give her constructive activities to keep her from climbing up the walls.  Today we did one of my all-time favorite activities, sticky paper art.  It is cheap, easy to set up, easy to clean up, and depending on what you use to stick to it, it can keep a toddler occupied for a really long time, and this give Momma a window in which to have a cup of tea, check her email, maybe even go pee!

"Sticky Paper", as I call it, is simply contact paper.  Tape it, sticky side out, to the table, or for real entertainment, to the wall.  Give your little one cut up colored tissue paper, feathers, cut up greeting cards, construction paper, qtips, cotton balls, pretty much any lightweight material you can think of, and show them how to stick them to the paper!

We made a piece of St. Patty's Day themed sticky paper art.

Rose likes to stand up while using sticky paper. 

Sometimes she likes to change her point of view.

Sometimes she likes to pick lint off the rug and use that, too.

If you put an equal sized piece of sticky paper on top (sticky sides together), you have a lovely piece of "stained glass art." If you're feeling super energetic or crafty, you can put the outline of a shape in construction paper, then trim around the shape.  That way, when your little one is done, you have a cute piece of themed art (for instance, if I weren't a suck at home mom, I could have made today's art in the shape of a shamrock.  Since I didn't, I'll mention the benefits of letting your child be creative instead of making them restrict their artistic talent inside a pre-determined shape!)


  1. I would love to talk with you and offer free help for your sleep.

    1. I thank you, Heather. Luckily, the baby is now sleeping through the night (well, most nights, as of 3 weeks ago... cross your fingers!)