Monday, March 17, 2014

Fine Motor Fun

I gave Rose a fine motor activity today that seemed like a wonderful way to re-use and recycle.  I had an old Huggies wipes container and a set of old poker chips that my husband never used.  The chips are very thick, so they weren't too small for Rose's chubby little fingers.  I encouraged her to slip the chips into the hole where the wipes come out...this builds hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor development of the hand.  Added bonus, she can shake the box when it's full, making it a sensory and rhythm experience as well!

It did occur to me afterward that the poker chips gave it a gambling feel, and maybe I was setting her up for a slot machine addiction!  But you can also use old milk jug covers, or if your child puts toys in his/her mouth, use the metal ends that come off of frozen juice concentrate cans!  It's cheap, easy, and it keeps Rose busy for at least 10 minutes!  Just enough time for me to write this post!

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