Monday, February 9, 2015

Snowmageddon 2015

We've been slammed with snow this month, and by slammed I mean that I could open my living room window and touch snow.  While the kids are enjoying the days off of school and the endless opportunities for snow fights:

Coffeeguy and I are completely "snowed out."  We have spent our days shoveling

And shoveling....

Aaaand shoveling

Until finally all the shoveling and cold has me dressing like this:

I am ready for Mother Nature to show us a little kindness! There's really nowhere else for the snow to go!

The one thing that has made the shoveling a little easier is this little investment!!

It's called a snow-thrower.  It says online that it's good for 10" of snow, but we've had 27" in the past day and a half alone and it's worked GREAT.  For less than $200 we are now able to cut through the snow in a timely fashion, and then do our neighbor's walk too.  Which is good, because we are due for another snowstorm on Thursday.  

Oh, well!  At least Rose is enjoying herself!

(This was before another 2 feet ended up on top of the tunnel.  You can't even see it now.)

Hope you're staying warm and dry wherever you are!


  1. My house is perpetually decorated in wet socks, gloves, mitten, boots --Mama, can I wear your boots, mine are wet?

  2. Mine ask for my gloves...I have bought 8 pairs of gloves in the past 2 months...I've just started buying the 99 cent stretchies...