Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Used To Hate Breastfeeding Photos

I made the Huffington Post!  Could you, would you, give this post some love? (I'm feeling pretty Dr.Seuss-y today!)


  1. Congrats my breastfeeding sister!

  2. God bless you for that article, seriously. My son is two and three months, and he JUSY started sleeping through the night...but now wakes up at five AM even if he goes to bed at ten or has a rough night. It's killing me.

    1. Samantha, shortly after I wrote that post my little one started sleeping, too, and yes, we get the 5 am wake up too! But I'll definitely take it over the all night long! Last night was a rough one--she's teething--but thankfully she finally conked at one. Four hours, that's a good night's sleep, right? (Said the bags under my eyes!)