Monday, November 11, 2013

To Party or Not To Party?

Rose turns one in a few short weeks, and I don't know where the time has gone. Usually as Punkgirl's and Happyboy's respective birthdays approach, I start planning big, crazy parties so that my giant family can attend.  We have tried the party at home (too difficult--my apartment is small and the guests never leave), the roller skating party (good, but kind of crowded), the bowling party (I liked that one, because we made it a super-hero bowling party), the bouncy house place (that one was a blast, but kind of pricey), and the hiking at the lake party (I liked that one too, but by the second hour it was freezing.)

Now that Rose's big, huge, milestone first birthday is approaching, I have planned...exactly nothing. Not only is the money a sort of issue--I only work one day per week, after all--but it's Christmas time. I could spend a giant portion of our Christmas money on a party I know she won't remember...or I can simply have a cake for very close family and leave it at that. A part of me feels like this is cheating Rose--no cool presents or fun party music--but another part of me thinks this is the only way to go.

While I love planning parties and I feel like they are milestones that should be celebrated and it really a bad thing to skip the hype so close to the holidays? Does that make me the suckiest of suck at home moms?


  1. Really, as long as you get a cute cake picture isn't that what matters? Go to the Dollar store and get some mylar helium balloons to tie to things at her eye level, give her free reign with a cake, wrap up a huge empty card board box (they don't care what is in it anyway) and make a cool photo collage for posterity to show how you don't suck.

    1. Hahaha it DOES seem that simple, doesn't it? Why do we have Mama-guilt??